Getting started
Getting started

To get started with your new virtual server, you should immediately change your password. There are two ways to do this. If your account supports telnet, and you are familiar with using it, open a connection to the telnet address for your account. If your domain name is, your telnet address is also At the login prompt, type in your login name and hit return. At the password prompt, type in your password and hit return. You should see a login prompt like this:


The USERNAME part of the prompt will show your actual username. At this point, you should use the passwd command to change your password. The machine which runs your virtual server uses a Unix-compatible operating system called Linux. For more information about Unix and Linux, refer to any of the better books on the subject. We recommend the following titles:

Unix System Administration Handbook, 2nd. Edition (Prentice Hall)
Linux Secrets (IDG Books)

There are plenty of other resources out there. Try doing a search for Linux using your favorite search engine, such as Yahoo:

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