Uploading files to your account
Uploading files to your account

You can upload html files for your web site using any ftp program capable of uploads. To do this, establish an ftp connection to your virtual server by using the ftp address of your account. For example, if your domain name is unbuttered.com, your ftp address is also unbuttered.com. Use your login name and password to connect to your account. The computer will automatically place you in your home directory. You should see a directory listing similar to this:


The logs directory contains the raw log files detailing access to your web site.

The web directory is where you should put all of your html files.

The virtual server's default web page is a file named index.html, which is be located in your web directory. This is the page that the web server loads when someone tries to access your site without specifying a particular html file. You may also use a file named index.htm or index.shtml. If you do, make sure you delete the index.html file, as the web server will look for and load this file before any others.

If you don't already have an ftp program, we recommend FTP Explorer for Windows users and Anarchie for Mac users. Copies of these programs can be found at our anonymous ftp site:


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